Sachem Center for Health and Rehabilitation


Sachem Center for Health & Rehabilitation


Sachem Center for Health & Rehabilitation strives to provide a superior experience and exceptional outcomes for patients, residents and families through progressive, innovative care, advanced technology and investment in service excellence. Highly motivated staff work to inspire our residents to live life to the fullest, offering an active, exciting and warm environment.
A sense of warmth and friendship permeates our entire center, setting the stage for a positive rehabilitative experience.

What we offer

Sachem Center for Health & Rehabilitation features a modern and upscale environment that uplifts your spirit and supports your recovery.

Check out Our Services

Nursing care

Services that can provide the kind of safe and caring environment that’s no longer feasible at home.

Rehab & therapy

Services that can aid the healing process to restore you or your loved one to independence at home.

respite care

Services to provide temporary relief to caregivers and their loved ones.

Pain management

Services to help alleviate the struggles of chronic pain.